Castle Combe

Anyone know of a good pub or hotel near to Castle Combe not too expensive( not Travel Inn etc)has anyone booked with Wildside for the top gear day on Monday 9thany names of nice acccomodation would be appreciated [image][/image] JohnC [image][/image][This message has been edited by JohnC (edited 07 September 2002).]

JohnBeware of very very very strict noise regulations at Castle Combe!Is there a noise limit on your day??Just from experience - Giles

Thanks GilesYes there was A 100db limit I registered a mere 92dbButThe Exige was undriveable in the torrential rain I had barely 2mm of tread hoping to use up the tyres which by the way have clocked up 10,000 miles a lot of that hard track milesbut with no tread the car was sideways more than straight Nick F was there in his brand new S2 111s first track day I could not believe the levels of grip his car had in the standing water on track and he was more than a match for my brothers F355 which also had great gripThe 3 TVR’s also found the rain a real problemThe Suby’s Walked all over everybody they are awsome in the wet [image][/image] JohnC [image][/image]