Castle Combe

Doing a track day there next Friday.
Blurb says there are no pits/shelter.So where do we put all the junk that gets hauled to trackdays?
dont want my best suit getting wet if its pissing down.
So whats the drill?? ddo I take a tent!!??

Yeah, there is no shelter at all at Combe, so a tent is your best and only bet really. Remember they are absolute Nazi’s with noise at Combe. There noise meter is so bloody sensitive.

I’m booked but haven’t seen any blurb from MSE yet. When did you get yours?

Being used to doing mainly airfield days I tend to take the bare minimum as there’s never anywhere to put stuff.

Noise :: I read somewhere 100db and MSA levels.
Depending on where I am being tested I get from 92 to 98 static and no probs since putting the cat back on…
Fingers crossed for a dry day.
Have fun