Castle Combe on Tuesday June 17th

Will anyone be down at the BaT day at Combe on Tuesday? I’m booked in, first time out at Combe. Be good to see any fellow board members who might be headed down there…



�295 is that open pit lane???

I hope to be there on the 16th July (one of there own days �170 )

Yeah it is. I have a strong aversion to sessioned days so I’ve bitten the bullet. I think they are only running a couple of open pit lane days this year… I tried harranguing the circuit themselves to run their events OPL but they weren’t hearing it unfortunately.

Be wary of Castle Combe open pit days. I have been to these and they omly let something like 12 cars out on track at any one time, so it ended up more like a sessioned day.

Hiya Sean,

Happily I can now say that BaT’s open-pit-lane day was a cracker, and there were no number limits (although the overall turnout wasn’t especially high, probably around 15-20 vehicles). Less happily my S1 chose this morning as the precise moment to blow an exhaust baffle. I ended up going to Bristol to purchase a new stainless steel Super Sport back box, which was duly fitted by Duncan and his students at the Wiltshire Motorsport College, to whom I’ve supremely grateful. This allowed me to scrape through the 100dBA static noise test, but it was 3pm by the time I actually hit the circuit.

I had them do a retest at the end of the day once everything was warmed up, thinking it would give a quieter figure (I’m booked in for a 98dBA day at Donno and wanted to know whether it would make it). This yielded a figure of over 105dBA, so it seems I’m back to square one. Ar$e!