Cars the Movie

Well, sort of.

It seems that pixar-ing your car seems to be prevelant on the forums at the moment, so hows about a few more exiges.

Here is mine to start.


hahah. nice one !


Brilliant Mark…my kids are LOL. Can you do one for me? Please…



I’ll sort it tonight when I get home.



Here you go Dave.


Love it Mark…I owe you a beer next time you’re in Oz.

Clever stuff - well done Mark

Brilliant Mark

Mark… you willing to do an S2 ? It is yellow

No problems, just stick it up on here or email it to me [email protected]

sent via email… Thx Mark !!

Sent the bigger one via email.


they are superb

one of the guys from nyloc took the phoo this was painted from.

One of my mates painted it for me.

Gertie has even let me hang it up in the house!!!