Carbon seats

Im after a set of the Carbon Fibre seats, ive seen them in Demon Tweeks for �1300 or there abouts with the sub frames and pads but does anyone know where else i can try to get them. Im sure someone must sell them a bit cheaper.

Try this web-site:-

I have a set of THESE

The usual problem is that you cannot get two normal seats side by side in an Exige. Both Reverie and Eliseparts seats will fit.

There’s several suppliers as mentioned, Eliseparts, Courbeau, Reverie, etc. but I will say, before shelling out that money, go and sit in them.
It’s a whole lot of money if they don’t feel right.

I sat in the Eliseparts for ex. and they absolutely didn’t fit, better with the original ones for my shape.

The ones I would try are the Mogs, but they are in Germany.

Check them out:

before shelling out that money, go and sit in them.

a very valid point - I spent a couple of hours once in Demon Tweeks trying all their seats and was amazed how differently each one felt, if if the nominal measurements were the same. On paper I had spec’d one of the most expensive ones they had but having sat in it I knew it was a waste of time for me.