Carbon rear wing

Just received mine, what a lovely pice of kit - it looks the absolute dogs danglies, cannot wait to get it on. Thanks very much to MarkD & Jill for the personal delivery service from london (400 mile round trip), hope the hospitality package made it worthwhile.

Oh yes

Tis an exquisite piece of kit - will make a fab picnic table whilst we’re at Le Mans.

How much weight does it save ?

Not sure David, I will weigh both when they are off, but it is not going to be as good as, say, me going on a diet for a while. The main advantages are adjustability and aerodynamics, I would say.

please tell me more - like where do I get one?

Mine came via MarkD, if that is no lomger an option you can get them from Eliseparts or maybe even Lotus as an Elise Sport part. But these are soooooooo much better!


How much spondooley ??

How about fitting? I understood that the old wing and the new wing pilars / supports are at different widths. That would imply some sort of additional bracket to transmit the downforce, and possibly that might offset any weight saving?

I can still see clear advantages in terms of more downforce (or adjustably less if circuit requires)