Carbon full mohawk roof


I have been in contact with a recognised company regarding having a full mohawk carbon roof panel made.

I will have to have a mould made that is reuseable and then have the part made.

I am looking to share the development costs on this. TBH they are not disastrous but a cost halved or more if people are interested would be a useful reduction.

An indicative price if two of us were to have a roof made would be £1550.
If 3 were in it would be around £1300

These figures may move slightly and I would like to recoup the costs up front to avoid anyone say yeah , when they meant maybe.

If this works well for us I will be looking to expand into rear hatch, MY2010 blades and possibly a door or two.

Not for me, I hope you get enough interet for carbon roofs.

Can i buy your existing roof when you swap over.

Quite possibly, yes.

@ade were you not on the lookout for another?

Yes I am, call me interested for sure

Anyone else wanting these doing? I am going to have to stump up the full cost myself at this rate which would mean I own the mould.