Carbon Fibre shell

Where can you buy the carbon fibre shell, i beleive its the Elise motorsport shell? There was a bloke selling one in the for sale section not long back but when i e-mailed him he wanted $15000 for it second hand! is that a good price? He did say it was sprayed orange, but would you leave it orange or spend more spraying?

Try Gavin Kershaw racing. He’s currently running with one.


How about here


  1. Why do you want a carbon fibre shell? Are you as good a driver as Gavan, & managed to extract the max performance from the standard bodyshell after the “recognised” mods to engine/brakes/Suspension/ECU when racing?

  2. If the answer is no - then save yourself �12K (cos that’s how much it costs - unpainted) & do the other things first.

  3. If the answer is yes …

Sorry, but…

Rob, me old trouser snake…how is life ooop north?
Don’t be so cruel… I mean, you are running yerself a so called sun strip thingy which doesn’t do much, does it?

I mean, you are running yerself a so called sun strip thingy which doesn’t do much, does it?


Hi Choo Choo,

Hope you & Renata are behaving in the mountains

My sunstrip thingy actually stops the sun from blinding me -on the few occasions it makes an apearance here in the UK

Wasn’t meant to be cruel - I personally can’t see the point in spending loads on the car, which in reality has far greater capabilities than most owners ever will - & I put myself firmly in that category, si I’m seriously thinking of allocating some pennies to some proper driver training. Must get Hyla’s phone number on Monday

Morning Rob
erm…what actually do you mean with behaving in the mountains… we are planning to go in June but there are still some problems to solve…
I’m glad for ya that your sunstrip actually works 'cause mine (the Lotus Motorsport one doesn’t)…oh well…
of course you’re right with the shells and with the driver training and all that
right, off to some sailing now…

The only reasons i was looking into the carbon shell was because you get a bigger front splitter, wider rear arches and i want to get the 0-60 down below the 4 second mark. Ive got a supercharged engine so cant tune it much more really so just looking for weight reduction ways to make it faster. You’ve got to admit though the bigger splitter and wide arches look great.