carbon fibre motorsport body

here it goes again.

my carbon fibre motorsport body (over 60kg less than standard body)is up for sale if anybody is keen. complete package including doors and perspex side windows. currently painted Chrome orange (needs a touch up in front)Looking for 3500GBP ono (+ freight from australia to be negotiated)

I’d love to, but can’t afford that much…

i like it, but is orange.

Got any pictures? is that �3500 in uk money? Has it been damaged? Does it come with spoiler etc? Does anyone no if this shell will go on an Elise? is the Elise chassis the same as the Exige except suspension? Reason being i might buy an Elise change the shell, engine, suspension, brakes etc rather than buy another Exige for around �20000 then change everything, just a money saving idea. How much will shipping be?

Hi ang,

Would you perhaps look at splitting the body up, would dearly like the motorsport body and 3.5k is a great price plus it’s ORANGE, my favourite, but have spent so much on car already carbon body is on the future, far future mind you, shopping list.

Would like rear clam and 3/4 panels for ease of maintenance, and would eventually like complete m/sport body.


hi guys,

motorsport body now gone, but have had a few enquiries about it so can ask the carbon man if he can make more. (he still has the moulds)
if you guys are interested in bits and bobs or whole bodies, let me know and if can generate enough interest, then can have fibreglass or carbon fibre bits made up to order.fibreglass will come in cheaper (but heavier than carbon)as the doors and radiator cover are identical to Exige, you can get away with combos of following:

  1. rear clam with 3/4 panels for ease of access to engine bay
  2. front splitter and undertray assembly (1 piece)
  3. rear wing
  4. roof with extended scoop
    5)front clam (v similar to Exige
  5. motorsport engine lids
    *note he doesn’t have facilities for rear wing struts, so you will have to copy or purchas Lotus bits

I’m interested, but would depend on price.

It actually wouldn’t be the correct moment now. Would he be able to make a set in the future?

Thanks ang,

Would be very interested, in roof with extended scoop now as wanted mould eliseparts scoop in anyway. Also if i could get a price on the rear clam and 3/4 panels at the same time, will chat to the guy who has my old exige as it is up 100kg’s with new engine etc. Want to get a set of scales now, it’s gonna make me faster than carbon fibre at the moment. so in a month or so would be great.

moulds are there and if no-one is in a hurry, it will probably suit everyone to put a collective order in so i negotiate best price for items and shipping. same as the motorport covers. let me know where the interset lies and I’ll get back to you with approximate prices and lead times.


put me in the list,
but to be confirmed.