Carbon Fibre Exige Spoiler

As above, i have a carbon fibre Spoiler. Exact same shape and size as the standard Exige spoiler, Just in carbon. Bought for my 06 Exige S.

Also comes with carbon brackets that affix it. Lovely quality. :slight_smile:

�170 - Collection prefer’d or you could arrange a courier.




You selling up?

Sold up mate. Put it up last week and sold it last weekend. Mrs is Pregnant and need something bigger. Dont really want a second car, it wont be as specail as the exige and il be deperesed when driving it lol.

Put a deposit down on this, Pick it up on the weekend hopefully.

Will do it all from taking kids to school on weekdays to track work on weekend. The new X’s have fantastic motors that do over 550bhp on stock internals and this one just has an exhaust and remap and is 404bhp. Suits all my needs right now. And maybe il pick up another lotus in time for just track alone.

Congrats to you and the Mrs, I’ll keep an eye out for you on track.

Spoiler Now sold. :slight_smile: