Carbon Fibre Airbox

Although spec’d with the vehicle from new it was itemised separately on the sales invoice at �144.99 inc VAT…which seems a big difference from the aftersales price quoted…but then I suppose that they get to keep the plastic one!

Does anyone know the weight difference between the original and the carbon version ?

Checking the airbox today…and there appears to be a blue alloy backplate between the airbox and the inlet manifold…is this the backplate referred to in the accessory listing or have those of you with the standard airbox also got the blue alloy backplate (looks like a gasket of sorts).Pic posted with my profile.

Sorry for the delay “upping” the image, it’s in Steve profile, and here for convenience:[image][/image]

Mine appears to be made of the same plastic as the standard airbox. Mentioned to the dealer yesterday that I might be interested in some of the options, if I knew what the benefits were. He said he hadn’t even seen the option list for the Exige yet! Makes you wonder if they really want to sell anything.

quote:Originally posted by Hitch:Makes you wonder if they really want to sell anything.No… they want things to sell themselves… Which is what Lotus cars usually do.My local “Motorsport” (ha!) Lotus dealer has no clue about any accessories for the ExigeI’m not a know-it-all type (I hope) but when you end up telling the dealer what’s available you lose confidence in them, as it only took a 5 min. call to Lotus to get a accessories sheet from them… You’d think these guys who sell them for a living would have the energy to do that too.

Did anyone PAY for a carbon airbox… I gather some of you had it fitted on delivery.But �400 odd for a few 100g saving seems extortionate.And running the risk of falling out of favour with you guys more, I don’t think it looks as nice as there std. box (check the members profiles)There, I’ve said it… I’m braced for a duffing…

what a refreshing change…an accessory that somebody doesn’t want :slight_smile:…seriously though I think its more the fact that it is carbon fibre…F1 technology rubbing off…rather than any performance or weight gain…especially as the engine is semi-visable and so little else that really looks high tech or sexy.

There’s also the fact that if you go for the 190 upgrade, my dealer tells me that the fitting is different on the carbon airbox that comes with the upgrade; so if you plan to upgrade don’t pay for to have the carbon box fitted. �150 down the drain.

Someone on this BBS ( I forget, I have a bad memory, eh Kenton/Tim? ) told me that a carbon airbox comes as standard with a 190 upgrade… is this true ? (cos mine doesn’t have one)I know the look ugly (hehe, sorry Steve) but if it was supposed to be on the car, I wouldn’t mind having it.

i have it but it was not part of the 190 package. about �140ish. Looks like you will have to dig into those deep pockets

Davidwhat would you do with it…hang it on the wall in your garage…surely you would never fit it!!!..not after comments like that