Carbon fiber spark plug cover

Does anyone have a carbon fiber spark plug cover that they would like to sell?

might b e better if you say what engine it is for?

S1 Exige (K)

Think MADDOG Should be able to sort you out. Send him a PM he seems to be the Carbon fiber expert round here

Tried him and no luck, who else wants one? Maybe we can tempt him to knock some up!!!

Elise Parts do it.

�128 dam thats a lot of cash, i must be getting old


Thats what I thought and I only 26!!!

When i got my exige, it only had the standard one on saying ELISE! Ball to that i have bought an exige. So went out and bought a Exige one from my lotus dealer and that got �65!!! �128 is a pure rip off! And I am only 20

It should add about 5bhp though.

It should add about 5bhp though.