Car wont start, any ideas????

Finally managed to replace the battery, car turns over but wont fire, any ideas please???

I am no expert but what sort of charge does a new battery come with? just wondering if it may have lost some charge if it has been unsed for a while?

It’s a good point, because even though the starter motor is turning over, if the battery terminal voltage drops below a certain level, the ECU doesn’t always bother fully waking up (so no ignition pulses to the coil, no injector pulses etc).

Give it a good old charge and then see?


If not then it could be the imobiliser doing its job a little too well!! That is easily circumvented with a couple of paper clips though.


If the battery is fully charged, dis-connect & re-connect after a minute or so, then disarm with the key & you should be ok.


  • VHPD doesn’t seem to like cold, damp mornings or extended periods of non use - give it a damn good thrashing

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