Car security...To catch a thief

An avid movie watcher I see all kinds of prevention like the stuff of the Q division in 007 to the keypad immobiliser in Transporter 2. Ok I know a little far fetched but what really is available to buy? A quick internet search draws a blank, anyone know anything out of the ordinary or any ideas maybe?


You can get biometric fingerprint scanning but you risk the b******s chopping your finger off !!!

This is my favourite

vids on Youtube

A freind of mine had the pager/text system which told him when his car was being attacked. It worked, as he decided to actually check it whilst shopping and low and behold caught someone! He also had a small camera on the centre console which recorded to a hard drive when the alarm was activated (he was a bit of a geek - agreed!)with a similar set-up only last week convicting someone via their birthday tattoo’d on his neck!
Failing that there is the Toad smoke system which deadlocks the doors and fills the car in seconds. May not catch em, but may eliminate them getting away with your motor.

Still like the S.African flamethrower or 240V electric shock thou
Ever thought about a really evil dog? Mates Pitbull used to do the trick siting on the pasenger seat!!!

ah if only lol but seriously an alarm, tracker & imobilizer…come on why in hell shouldn’t we be able to text our car to stop…? What with Sat-Nav etc mobile phones come on there must be something? Lots of new cars go missing, why? They find the tracker whats going on?

I thought there were alarm systems that could remotely cut the electrics when the car was stationary. Didn’t the early trackers have this functionality. Perhaps I’m imagining it.

…and soon, car thieves will travel through the country with satelite-reception-protectet stealth-trailers… but through, while inventing wiper-sensors, heated steerings and night-vision-systems, they could invent a helpful thing for once…!

have a look HERE - might be the sort of thing you are looking for.

Excellent, I know you can get all sorts of Tracker cool but I was jet skiing last year and when it was time to hand it back the chap sent a signal from shore which cut the ignition…bloody ace, thats what I’m talking about…a little F**K YOU to the thieving twunts. I think car manufactures put hardly any effort into proper car security, cars are becoming as hazardous static as use are they doing 100mph!

Leave it with little or no fuel in ?

Or just get the local constabulary to fill it up for you … THEN it definately wont run … did you hear on the news that one force are fitting talking fuel caps cos the occifer can’t put the right bloody fuel in ?
what chance have we got ?