car ramps

got my ramps today so i can start tinkering with the underside of the car

might leave the car on the ramps tonight makes the car look really cool

What ones did you get I was going to get them from Halfords for �33. Bought some Q/Release fasners from Hanger111 today so need some ramps to fit them.

rep got them from halfords

Russ do you have an S1 or S2?

Is there any issues with clearance for the front splitter when you reverse up the ramps?

s1 i was thinkng about getting an edwards front splitter but i’m not sure if i would have enough clearance .
anyone know?

My car is lower than an Exige and the splitter is bigger. The nose comes VERY close to the ground but doesn’t quite touch.

Ah, but remember the Exige is slightly longer… As mine is standard ride hight and it’s close but not that close