Car not healthy.

Hi guys - Has anyone ever had this before ???

The first ever time I actually need to use the Exige for a true day to day purpose and it lets me down… … I cannot say I am surprised though - long story but needless to say 5th time in a year I have missed a track event or something similar.

Went out to try and start it and it just sounded like a whirring sound (not flat battery tick or anything), It almost caught the first time it turned over but no joy after that - sounded almost flooded. Put battery / trickle charger on for an hour - came back and it was reading battery full ! SO turned it over and an almighty BANG came out of the car - not sure where but am now v v def - yes I was doing all this in the garage ! It didn’t sound back fire like - almost electrical as in when a fuse goes in a circuit board in a home… BUT all elec’s are ok… any ideas ???


Cheers - Ears are still ringing…AND PAINFUL ! !

Last time I used it was two weeks ago. Total of about 5/6 hours solid driving and it was fine…

When my battery has gone flat, which is almost every week now as i have not been using the car, when it is not charged fully, trickle charger does not help me to charge when it wont start have to use proper charger. Have heard loud bang before to could be overfueling from when there is not enough spark for the first few turns.

Would suggest trying a jump start perhaps and see if that helps. But loud bang seems quite normal when it battles for the first few times.

The whirring sound will be the starter motor just spinning without engaging with the flywheel, probably the solenoid sticking, hit it with a hammer

The loud bang was unspent fuel igniting either in the exhaust or inlet tracts !!

I hit the side wing with my foot - didnt seem to help though - I could try a hammer.

I Will try jump starting it and keep you posted - btw, if anyone else has the same problem remember to move it out of an enclosed space ! ! !

Phil, stu mentions it turning over, so surely not the starter motor?

I would suggest the Throttle Position Sensor reading 100%, but that stops the injectors and it sounds like there was no spark, not no fuel?


Check the inertia switch is fully pressed in (found below the air inlet pipe) . It probably isn’t the cause since its not likely to trip while standing still, but worth checking.


I once had a similar problem which ended up being the MT 23
behind the seat,wasnt plugged in properly ???


I agree with Phil - but you could also check your getting spark in all 4 cylinders.

I would guess the bang was a unspent fuel igniting so it wouldn’t be the TPS fault you mention cause that would cut the fuel.

I had same problem once it was one of the fuses in the little back breaking hole between the seats. didn’t look like a fuse had blown but changed them job jobed.

R Teddy has a good point.

When I first got my car I had 2 problems. First was a battery that was on its way out and second was a loose connection from the distribution points. Engine would not take and it was my friendly RAC neighbour who enlightened me that there was no spark going to any of the cylinders. A little firm wiggle of the connection and that was that!

This weekend. Giving the car a burst on the motorway and some serious misfires after 5200rpm. Hmmm. Off with the cam cover plate, jiggled and checked all leads, and low and behold…problem solved again!

Morale of the story…check your spark as a first step.

Cheers Carttman

I had the same problem with mine once, that bang is very very loud. It was a loose HT lead to one of the spark plugs. Simple fix, hope yours is the same.