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Went to get the Exige out of the garage today after it had been standing there for a few weeks. only to find the the battery was flat. Mixture of the Alarm/immobiliser draining the battery along with the cold weather and lack of use.

To avoid this happening again while the car is laid up over the winter, does anyone have any suggestion how to stop the battery draining again?

I know that I could take the car out for a spin more oftern but some time it is not possible.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any way of keeping the battery topped up. I had thought about the solar trikle charge but there is no windows in the garage.

I have a Accumate

I bought one when my old Subaru would never keep charge for longer than a week due to all the Alarms, Imobilisers, Trackers, etc

I have it mounted on the garage wall next to where i park, it comes with a plug & socket arrangment, so you can park up and plug it in and it will trickle charge.

hope this helps

Phil G

Do you have a power supply to the garage, or if not is the garage close enough to the house to feed an extension?

If the answer is no to both, then you may have to disconnect the battery when garaged to provent the immobiliser from draining power. A disconnected battery should retain power for a month or two. You can get quick release connectors to keep the hassle to the minimum.

If you do have a power supply, do as Phil says & get a trickle charger


I believe the Lotus branded item is actually an AirFlow

I had the same problem 4 odd years ago, bought one of these and have since always had a tip top battery.


technology moves on, and i think these are now the best on the market:


…and I’d agree as I’ve had an XS 3600 fitted to my Exige for over a year now. Quality kit, which is why we sell them So thanks for the mention Steve!

technology moves on, and i think these are now the best on the market:


agreed CTEK for me. Works a treat.

You can always disconnect the battery if you are going to leave it for long,…BUT how could anyone NOT use an Exige for long???

…BUT how could anyone NOT use an Exige for long???

When the engine is sick and you don’t have the time or money to fix it.

That sounds like abuse to me - who can I report you to…