Car in dining room , owner in dog box

Was pointed out to me this weekend by my loving girlfriend that i am in serious danger of ending up like the guy on top gear that built the car in his dining room. I have decided to take the time available while car is being rebuilt to spray my one set of wheels blue, spare cam cover red, rear calipers black and also get all the other little bits sorted. The final drive seen only arrived on Friday so they can now get cracking on the car, the crown wheel and pinion had some serious damage so we decided to install a new shorter ratio rather than take the chance of losing the whole box, luckily all gears were perfect, although all the synchros are toast. Those straight cut gears really are strong.

I then made the fatal mistake of telling her that i am looking for a chassis to build over all the bits i have accumulated during 4 years of ownership and upgrades into an exige for my sister, i know it seems like a big task but you would not believe how many std parts we have in perfect condition, and will then have no comfort compromises in the current track car. Anyway she said that if the chassis gets within 10 m of the dining room she would be removing the offending parts as well as mine permanently. She was beyond reason as i tried to explain that building the car in the comfort of the dining room would avoid all the “you are always in the garage working on that damn car” arguments, but she would not listen. Go figure

Anyway here are some pics of the parts in dispute:

[image] MWEB Homepage [/image]

[image] MWEB Homepage [/image]

Dinner at your place it is then!

Nice wheels! And don’t let Uldis at that carbon fibre diffuser, I understand he has a way of getting them particularly close to the ground, which is perhaps better suited to ali.


Wow! nice diffuser!
Tried to see the pics yesterday but it was too slow to download. I could see them today no problems.

So yes Ian, it would not be any good up here, in our wonderful Scottish roads.

But, on the argument side, I’m with you. If your wife doesn’t lik ethem, there’s something wrong with her

lookin good Jason

Thanks Guy’s,

I thought the blue would look quite nice with the decals on the car, will have to wait another 2 weeks before i get to see them on the car though .

I decided to start painting the panels etc myself as we scratch splitters etc so much on the track that having it done by a panelbeater every time works out really expensive and i am quite proud of the wheels, got them that you can actually see yourself in the paint.

Doing front splitter today as it’s in quite a state, the guy that does my carbon stuff is doing the front undertray for me this week because the ali bits are really bent. We have become quite good friends and he really charges me great prices, as bits get scratched etc we make them up in carbon and then have moulds available for the next time.

Will post some pics of my rebuilt car quite soon i hope.