Car Covers and Engines don't Mix

Friday - Having a bad enough day as it is, driving back from my Grandmothers Funeral, when the car starts to backfire heavily under minimal revs and then gradually pick up idle speed to 2,500 revs. I pull over and shut the engine down, have a look under the hood to check for any obvious solution to this problem - nothing. Sit in the car for ten minutes to let it cool down and restart. 5,500 revs dialled up straight away and does not slow down - not good. I’m not going anywhere and am stuck on the Holloway road (not the place to leave an Exige overnight). phone my father to tow me home and then over to Sinclaires. While I wait I looked into the engine bay and to my surprise could not see my car cover [image][/image] - it is now wrapped around the drive shaft, taking various sensors with it [image][/image] - over to Sinclaires in the morning proves this out - I was lucky the car did not go up in Flames - broken gearbox seals and new sensors required - marvellousSo a word of warning - don’t do as I do.

Yes, I was never convinced about the usefulness of the boot space, particularly with respect to the contents finding their way onto the engine.Hope you get it sorted soon mate.

Sorry to hear about your problem, hope you get it fixed OK. To be honest, I’ve always been amazed that many Exige owners put things in the “boot” as there is nothing to stop this sort of thing from happening more often.

glad you made it back all right!

I have also heard of a CD Multichanger unit making its way into areas that it shouldn’t, resulting in a fire.Think if you want to use the boot space make sure everything is well secured!Cheers

I remember picking up my Exige after the local dealer had removed the catalyst and secondary filter (1,000miles service). Asked where the parts were now - “In the boot”. Erm, Ok, I’ll take them up front with me. Don’t really fancy them trying to rejoin the engine. Have never put anything in the boot, other than my brain occasionally. Anyway, hope your Exige is sorted soon.

Once sat an 18" pizza I bought, on top of the engine and air intake box, drove 20 miles home, pizza still hot and ready to eat once home. Dave(Pizza delivery man)

duggan,Sorry to hear about that, m8, and on a sad day too [image][/image] Any news as to how long it would take to fix? And I hope the cost will be reasonable.Thanks for the warning - I’ve often wondered how useful the “bookshelf” is.

Just got the Quote from Sinclaires - �785 (this also includes an A Service) so roughly what I was expecting (and considering I had my last service at HR Owen - if they had done the work I’d have to sell the house to finance it [image][/image]). 2 parts - Airflow valve and Air Flow pipe cost �207!! - still at least the car didn’t go up in flames and will be back with me on Saturday [image][/image]