Caption Competition

Well, after all the serious stuff of the last week, & we are now into the traditional British “silly season” Picture is courtesy of “Jaycee”, showing Russ (on foot), MartinE (green racesuit) & Jim (340r owner).


MartinE - “Oops! Seem to have left a cleveland steamer behind!”

Off topic but that’s my old 340r, do you know the current owner?


I’ve only met Jim 3 or 4 times, but he is a good mate of the Edwards Boyz.

The car is probably the nicest 340R I’ve seen - it goes very well on track, & Jim keeps it in immaculate condition

Russ - “Corr! That stinks!”


Russ - “Right, that’s it, I’m not going racing if I have to wear matching overalls and helmet!”

“I’d heard they were cramped, but expected a bit more passenger comfort”

“QUICK, DRIVE! before they put me back on that tin of sweetcorn”

Just recently I always seem to have a cloud of smoke just behind my head !?

Russ walks away in total disgust as MrE kickstarts the latest Honda engined conversion into life

Martin cursed his getaway driver, Jim the Mad Knifer, as they tried to slip away unnoticed into the traffic after a bank job.

Captain Fantastic, Super Hero and Upholder of the Good tries to look cool as he jumps into his trusty Plasma Cruiser.

“Holy speed freaks Batman, what has happened to the batmobile?”


Russ - " I wish they’d all pi55 off, so I can nick that fire extinguisher"

Martin “diffuses” the situation, whilst getting his leg over.

The Irish Stig enjoying the Hokey Cokey, whilst Russ practices for his Riverdance audition.

To the 2 guys behind
MartinE ‘Now be honest, does my bum look big in this’

No Offense


I’m don’t think this is not what he meant by " lets go and give it one"


The guy climbing in the 340: “quick, follow that flaming Exige, it’s got to be stopped!..”

Russ: “WTF?! Hey Dude, where’s my car??”

(said by green guy)

“Are you finished down there yet, Veronique??? It’s my turn”