Caption Competition 2003

Okay folks, suggestions please [image][/image] Picture courtesy of [This message has been edited by Mr Pesky (edited 15 May 2003).]

I still don’t think I’ll be able to get one on each foot!

Look… I told you this is the correct way of getting in the dam thing! Pesky told me, so it must be right!

New EEC rule enforces change to Le Mans 24hr starting procedure!

Emergency breaking, doors open and stick your feet out like this

“I think that proves that the toe ball ends were supposed to go on the car”!!

"It’s a pity they didn’t put a bit more thought into the ergonomics when they changed from the central driving position"Mike

Is the colour doing your head in as well?

Pesky, I forgot to ask. What’s the prize?

quote:Originally posted by Ken Pegg:Pesky, I forgot to ask. What’s the prize?Borrowing your Esthi for 1 week [image][/image]

“are you sure this is what they mean by heel & toe”

Reknowned Exige racers, Frank Docherty and Bob Baballoni, lose their way to Silverstone and end up gatecrashing the Goldstone 2003 Electric Boogaloo Dance Championship. Bob (red boots) was last heard to remark “Well, we’re here now…”

or"…anyway I was standing just like this and this rather butch looking woman came up behind me and…"

Red Boots:"I think you’ll find that these cars accelerate so quickly that this is the best way to entice ones testicles back out of ones lower abdomen!"Blue Boots: No comment - too busy looking at his reflection in the wing mirror.[This message has been edited by Azrael (edited 17 May 2003).]

When you said we were doing a track day, I didn’t realise it was going to be so slippery!

By eck…These fireproof trolleys ride up a bit…

split timing?

Whilst testing the extreme cornering forces generated by driving a Lotus Exige around a banked cycle track - strange effects on the drivers are witnessed

look… i reckon i could go twice as fast if i strap one of these to each foot…

“I reckon i’ll make a better front splitter than you” [image][/image]