CannonBall Run?

Just wondering if and die-hard exige fans are going on this years ‘Cannonball Run’? There are 5 places left. �4000 per car and 2 drivers.

Definately 100% not, never!

Mr Pesky…Maybe you should change your slogan “Growing old is unavoidable, but growing up is optional”.

Yeah right


Why not just turn up and go anyway - it is all public roads

Good idea.
How about making a ‘’ cannonball of our own! I’m sure we all could come up with something better, cheaper, and even more exclusive!


Not wishing to get into an argument, but why not take your car on track, & really see/learn how it goes in a relatively safe (for you & others) environment? We already have “something better, cheaper & even more exclusive” in our annual trackdays

Why not just turn up and go anyway - it is all public roads


wtf would i be paying �4k for… or is that a get-out-of-jail card ?

Someone on the Evo forum shadowed the Gumball recently, had a great time and saved a fortune… well… that is until he finds out how much the Belgian authorities want for his 120mph lapse of concentration…

If I were to do the Canonball/Gumball I’d want to do it in something wacky + slow. Going in a fast car is asking for trouble.

Keep it for the track boys !

(Not overlooking the fact that I wouldn’t want to be associated with the type of people who seem to go on these events too)

I did the Gumball back it 2002.

It was fun - we had a great time, but would I do it again? Probably not as it’s just become too high profile and the police just flock to it as a way to raise some money for their Chirstmas party.

Now, doing a similar thing on the quiet with a small group of unmarked cars…now that’s more like it!!!


The Gumball this year is �30K per car!!!

It’s only GBP30k to previous Gumballers, if you’re new to it, it’ll cost you GBP40k.

However this year I honestly think that Max has pushed things a little too far: drive from London to Istanbul, fly from Istanbul to Beijing, drive from Beijing to North Korea and South Korea, by boat to Tokyo, a bit more driving in Japan, then by air again to LA.

Sounds like fun, but I can think of better ways to spend GBP30k (hmmmm…I’m just about to do it…a new S2!)

@Davey_S1 - Are you the same “Davey_S1” from the M5 board?


The Gumball this year is �30K per car!!!

Sorry, the guys that do this are [email protected]! definitely much more money than sense

Anybody with a brain and a sense of business would never do that

“Back in my day”…

…we paid GBP3,500 to enter.

The Players Run looks a lot better value than the Gumball.