Can you take an Exige overseas?

Hi guys.

Just got my Exige and am thinking of taking her to France. Is it possible to get her on a P&O ferry or on the channel tunnel. I have enough difficulty driving it into my mothers drive because its sooooo low!!!

Please let me know if it can be done.


Loads of the guys have taken their cars abroad, e.g. the recent run to the Historic Le Mans. You won’t have any problems…

Pesky is the expert on this - come on Rob - where you hiding?


well, I have been on loads of different ferries and there was always a way
sometimes you have to reverse on the ferry
like on the speed ferry but the staff is ever so friendly.
some even ask to have a spin around the docks
even on smaller ferries to the Hebrides there is no problem
so, just go for it, you konw it makes sense

Chunnel has never been a problem … roll on roll off…

Have had mine on a few ferries and the tunnel recently - no problem

Staff are usually very helpfull - just be carefull ( see Mark A post … )

Wow…thanks chaps… this is such a great place. Your support is tops! Looks like I might get a holiday then!!! Its just working out what I can fit in the car!

you will be amazed how much you can squeeze in
carrier bags forever


Was that a hint for me to respond???

On speedferries the staff were very helpful on the way out and I got on with minimal touches, and off in France okay as well!!

On the way back, very good at getting me on but lost interest after the previous 3 Elises had gone off without incident. They just waved me off and it ripped the Edwards front splitter off, thankfully due to the Nylon bolts it just sheared off, but they then just waved me off and didn’t tell me! I had a few choice words with some of the Speed ferries staff afterwards!

As has been said, if you are careful there are no problems, just take it VERY easy and ignore to the staff if they tell you to hurry!

Thanks Mark

I can now confirm that the nylon bolts work as well

Thanks Mark

I can now confirm that the nylon bolts work as well

Oh no !! Andy, tell us more ??

[/quote] Oh no !! Andy, tell us more ?? [/quote]

Its very silly and involves kerbs and Dutch roads - I’m not saying anything else - you lot can do that for me