Can I put my intercooler here?

Ok, so I’m in the middle or a (more or less) total rebuild. Front end done, now on to engine and box removal for overhaul. One thing I’m not happy about is intercooler position, apart from the fact that there’s nowhere for the air to escape to (I will be cutting out numberplate area for this), the intercooler is also not placed very well so I would assume what little airflow does get to it, then finds it easier to go around the side of it rather than through it!
So thinking of relocating to the rear of the clam, as high and as wide and as deep an intercooler as I can make fit (as seen by the red lines). Also considering ducting all the way from the rather large side scoop, over the intercooler and then sealed nicely against the rear of the clam.
Anyone any thoughts on this?
Did consider going the charge cooled route but I reckon this will be simpler and at least as effective.



Provided you have a shroud and air routed to it don’t see why not. That’s basically where it is on the 211 so would suggest that you seek out some pictures of that install.

Thanks yes was going to duct into and out of it. Didn’t realise the 211 had it there, will do some research - many thanks :slight_smile:

That is exactly what I have done, will find some pictures when I get home and hopefully that can help

When you look at the maths the temperature delta and the volume of air are far more critical than the physical size of the heat exchanger. For those reasons the 211 setup is very poor and explains why they struggle to reach their potential on track. Trouble with the lotus is the size of it and the wheelbase… side air intakes are damn naa a r useless as the air doesn’t get a chance to reattach after spilling out of the front wheel wells. Roof scoops are no good either as they just collect hot air from the radiator. Basically all roads lead to a chargecooler BUT it has to be implemented properly and VERY few are.