Can I modify S1 seats to take 5 piont harness??

I have heard that it is possible to have std seats modified to take proper 5 point harness . IE slots at shoulders and one for the “knacker Cracker”
Anybody know who can do this??
Must be cheaper than a set of Motorsport seats.!

Something like this?


See Sector 111 site for details.

Hangar 111 can usually source stuff from them if you are interested.

Thats the kind of thing…Do you know anybody thats done it, could be expensive if you screw up.

Plans have done it, and have a demo car at Dunsfold with the conversion in. Alternatively send your email address to [email protected] and we can send pics.

Job is �119.50 per seat plus VAT.

Using a full harness with the standard seat is not at all optimal - the shoulder straps will not sit on the driver’s (or passenger’s) shoulders correctly, and in an accident, it could be possible to slip out of them.

I had an accident in a rally car in the early eighties with the shoulder belts not tightened properly. Take it from me, it hurts a lot.