Can I do it?


I been reading thease post, and for me it look like its kind of normall to change the oil filter ,fuel filter, oil,… when u put ure car in for service…???

The thing is ,there is no Lotus service here in Norway. So I thought I could change the oil ,oilfilter, fuell filter myself without any problems…??
Just tell me if im right… I like to know before im buyying S1 Exige:)… It would also been nice to know what kind of service u have to do on ther car… Maybe I can do some other stuff too?? … Of course I will go to Newcastle once in a while if its neccecerryy to do the service (maybe I can take a english course there too at the same time…lol)…

(Im just a normell person, im not used to work with cars, but Ill like to learn more about it.)

OK, well we all started by not knowing anything about cars

Oil change and filter change is very easy. Butdo you have another car to “practise” on first?

Basically it’s like any other car on the planet!

  1. Get the car up on ramps / jack up onto boxes of paper.
  2. Undertray off
  3. Warm the engine a little so the oil will thin
  4. Engine off and undo the sump nut, have a container ready to catch all the oil that come spewing out.
  5. Go have a cup of tea / coffee, watch some TV etc, give it about 30 mins at least.
  6. Fart around past the oil cooler lines to get to the oil filter, there are some good tools for getting these things off.
  7. Run some fresh oil around the seal on the new oil filter and fit hand tight. Then turn another 3/4 turn.
  8. Refit the sump nut
  9. fill up with oil. ~4l
  10. check dipstick and once you’re happy there’s oil in there start up the car again. The Oil Pressure Light should go off after about 30 seconds. let it run and check for any leaks underneath.
  11. Turn off engine and top up oil as necessary.
  12. Refit undertray and enjoy driving again!

Sounds a lot but it’s really not that much to do.

Essentially it’s a car like any other and the engine is in ton’s of rovers and MG across the world.

If you’re really worried it may be worth attending a few basic mechanics courses just to cover the easy how to’s.

Good luck!



Well I just had to ask, since I have 0 knowlege of this car.

So thanks for reply, but Im also a bit curious what the exige service consist of… Not sure what u call it … maybe A B and C service… Ill look around on the net a bit more to try figure out what they do on the service for the Exige… Its nice to know and if its easy maybe I can do it myself??? But if sombody knows smt about it… ill apreciate if u let me know

  1. Go have a cup of tea / coffee, watch some TV etc, give it about 30 mins at least.

In Mark’s case he keeps a TV in the garage!


Ding! True to form it only plays p0rn tho’ LOL!

other way round IDG

RL keeps the car in his lightweight front room…