Can anyone help me recognise this??

After having a bit of a garage clear out I am selling a load of unwanted bits and bobs on E-Bay. Below are a couple of pictures of the exhaust that was on my car when I first bought it. There are no markings on it at all, although it does look like a half decent thing.

Can anyone tell me what make they think it is??



Is it the original (optional) sport exhaust for the S1 Elise


Maybe thats why it doesn’t have any markings on it because it is a Lotus thing???

Anyone else got any ideas??


looks very similar to the janspeed i used to have on my old elise


heres the link for it:

not 100% sure mate

is it the bell + colvill stainless steel sports exhaust

is it the bell + colvill stainless steel sports exhaust

Correct. I had one on my Elise until the Honda blew it to bits.

Cheers guys!!

I had a look at the Janspeed site and I don’t think it is that one. The Janspeed silencer box looks quite round where as the one I have is more of an oval.

So are you two guys who think it is the B&C Sports exhaust, pretty sure about it?? If so I will throw it on EBay as one of those.

Do B&C have a website with all of there bits and bobs on??

Yes, there may be a pick of it in their shop.