Do you need to add/remove shims for the camber/castor or is it ok to keep the same number of shims when you have change your suspension… (std Nitron, nylantron…)…

If you are changeing the ride height or going from rubber to nylatron bushes you really should get the geo reset and whoever does it for you will set the castor/camber.

TBH the castor is very unlikely to need adjusting. Usually just camber and toe.


agree with Mark, but if you want more -ve camber then you remove shims. You adjust the castor by moving the spacers on the top wishbone around relative to the wishbone tube… more spacers near the front of the car will obviously push the top wishbone towards the rear of the car relative to the lower wishbone (can’t remember if that’s called +ve or -ve castor).

Geo will be done later… but it would be nice to know if its a good start to keep the same amount of shims… If it is common knowledge to add/remove xx mm to camber… I would prefer to do it now… But if there is no such thing…Ill keep the same xx mm of shims… and geo it later ,and then add/remove shims…