Quick question for the techies amongst you.Anyone know what mileage the cambelt is meant to be changed?

36,000 miles or when it breaks whichever is sooner!!

Nice reply Tone :0)Reminds me of the old engineering rule for the corect torque for bolts - this applies to any bolt of any sizeThe correct torque is found by tightening it until it strips of shears and then undo by half a turn!

I take it we have all made a note never to buy (or re-purchase) a car from this lot!

are but Rob…The book ses 36000 miles. But mine will be done at 18000 miles. Had a messed up engine in an RS Escort (circa 1986) at 23000 miles cos of broken cam belt, so never take chances now.Same as oil changes - book ses normal driving change it at 6000 mile intervals - some chap in Essex suggested changing oil at 3000 mile intervals so that is what it gets!I’ve found a very tidy F40 only �155000 but seems routine service is change petrol tank and tanks for F40 are �8000 a time!!!

Matt, Great line Tone…just climb back onto me chairChange it tomorrow Matt, you don’t want to go through the time out I just had!! T