cambelt change

got to get the cambelt changed soon.i’ve heard people talk about getting the pully changed whats the benefits?

If you mean for an alloy smaller one, the benefits are:
-less drag (mechanical and electrical)
-less chance of frying the alternator due to overcharging if you use the car a lot on high revs (track for ex.)
-about 2 Kg lighter
-less rotational inertia: rev quicker

Beware that if you go for the smaller one you also have to get a smaller belt, available from QED
Alo, you should make sure it’s perfectly balanced.

didnt realise there was a smaller one just heard it was adjustable and that the benefit was better preformance

Ok, maybe we’re taling about different things here.
I think I misunderstood when you said pulley and I talked about the lower alternator belt pulley

You were referring then to the vernier pulleys. Yes, there are some adjustable ones, by Piper and others.
Needed and part of the 190 BHP mod.
It’s actually the intake cam which phasing is stock about 10 deg off, leading to only 177BHP.

So, if you’re going to the trouble of taking off the cambelt you might as well install one of these at least on the intake and free those horses.
If you don’t want to go through the trouble of measuring lift @ TDC to time them correctly, then at least install the lotus modified one and you should be set.
You can get the timing more precisely with the adjustable one though.

thanks mate ive got the 190 upgrade with the car if its with the lotus pully is it worth chaging to the adjustable one?

well worth it, but get the pair of vernier pulleys, and the piper belt need for use with the pulleys, you would be amazed at how much more torque can be made available after some time spent adjusting.

But both are a must

The Lotus 190 pulley should sort out the timing with the stock cam, but unfortunately I have heard of Lotus garages installing it wrong or god knows waht, but the timing could still be off.

When you install an adjustable one, precisely because of the adjustability nature (and you could get it terribly wrong) you normally take good care of nailing the timing on the head.
Besides, the adjustable ones let you time properly whichever cam you may choose later, so, 1st step in the upgradeability path.

Your choice. I chose the Piper ones.

BTW, the Piper cambelt is better quality, but the OEM one is very good as well.
Your choice again.

thanks again Im no good at the oilly bits if i purchase the parts how long for a garage to change? with the cost of the parts and the labour charge i will see if its viable

As an example DVA charge about 380 quid fitted.

Fitted them on mine and it made a big difference, even though DVA told me the original 190 pulley was close to the optimum - more torque is the result for sure

I would say �380 fitted is good.
And If they’re waiting for you, they can do it in 3 hours (proper tools, experience and everything)
A first timer would do it in about 8, and if adjustable ones maybe 10

I know, it looks like a lot, but when you’ve never done it, you want to be absolutely sure the timing is spot on besides those rawl plugs and screws are bound to be rusty and stuck)

any idea how to tell a 190 over a standard pulleys?

a 190 has an extra timing mark etched on the pulley AFAIK

cheers rox i will have a look at the weekend