Cam Belt Replacement

Cam belt ready for changing.

Does anyone know if Exige has auto or manual cam belt tensioner? - read somewhere that advice was that all high performance K series engines should only use manual(fixed) tensioner…


AFAIK all VHPD’s have a manual one.
Mine certainly did.


I suggest that you contact the Edwards Boyz - if you don’t fancy doing the job yourself

You could also fit verniers at the same time

Thanks Uldis - thats what I’d reckoned

Rob - yeh already mentioned it to the boyz but reckon they’ve a bit on at the mo’ Doesn’t look too difficult a job - famous last words Shall have a think about it, hmmn verniers at same time sounds like an excellent idea

I had one changed by Bernard at Auto-teknix - excellent service !!

Erm, Mike, he didn’t only change the cam belt, he put in a different engine in there!

Didn’t you notice?

Yeh Mike… a bit cheeky there not revealing that he didn’t take the Cam-Belt off when he changed it…

Actuwally, ass I yam damm shaw yuu vill orl bee know-wing velly perflectly vell, hee changejed de camm bellt onn mi aould engeen mainy munths befour I sould eet tu mayke wheigh four zee howdee lummp, dere knot beein heenuff spaice een zere faw de boath ov dem aht dee sayme thyme, mi frendzzzzz


Our first case of demonic possession on! I hope you feel better soon mike!


Holy Highland Cows on Tequila!

Been again on the booze Mike?

Try “reading” it with a German accent, chaps

Whoops - had the spell check on Australian and it turned everything upside down !!

Yep, all you guys still with the k series in the rear don’t forget max 30k miles or 4 years - change that cambelt

a few of us around that mark now i’d think…

a few of us around that mark now i’d think…

Sits back, with smug grin

Earlier this week I’ve been told by Sinclaires that an automatic tensioner is fitted on VHPD as standard. My car is going to them for a cam belt change next week so will find out for sure then.

The tensioner needs lubrication, or else it stops being automatic …

In that case some did and some didn’t because mine had a manual one.

I couldn’t find a good answer in the shop manual (book), so I guess having a automatic or manual one didn’t depend on the VHPD name, maybe some VHPD’s were built by a different supplier?

Mine had a manual tensioner as well, and everyone I spoke to said the VHPD had a manual one…

Prob sincs just assuming it the same as the standard elise and will find it’s manual when they get to it