Calling The Fountain of All Knowledge - Pesky!

RobHow are youJust a quickie - I need to get in touch with Mike Birch (I don’t believe he is a regular reader of the last Anglesey meeting - I noticed two cracks between the holes in my front discs. Inoticed Mike had some better looking / more sturdy discs on the front of his car. I need to investigate these amoungst others (No way I am forking out for expensive crappy Lotus ones again!)Have you got his email address that you could send me off line??Thanks in advanceGiles

GilesI know that Mike Birch, Mr Admin, Russ & Steve G, all have the bells/discs as supplied by Geary: Also, interestingly,I popped down to Oulton this afternoon to see who was attending the Bookatrack trackday. An Elise owner, Pete Thompson, was running with Geary’s kit on both the front & back of his car, & I made a point of seeking his opinion about same - he was delighted with the performance.As & when my discs require replacement, I intend to follow the same route.If you still want to contact Mike or Russ direct, please let me know.

Giles - i had the same problem you have which neccesitated the change to the Geary disks - although only on the front…I’ve now done a similar mileage and number of trackdays on the new disks and so far so good!

Thanks all for your advice - now going to eliseparts.comSee you all soonGiles