Calling RoxTeddy

Mike please call me on my Mobile ASAP.Mark.

MarkI left you a voicemail this evening. I’ll try you again tommorrow - although I’m really really busy. Its a bit late at the mo’I don’t think it’s a runner for me to try and get down early on Friday - there’s too much already planned and I think it will all be a bit too eleventh hour. Courier is the way i think? If you can send em ramorra overnight then I should get them in time for Fri?awrabest

Rox, what’s up?

UldisI believe he’s buying some tyres from S111AGY.CU on Friday [image][/image]

Aaahhh, Ok.Hey Rox, what about having them delivered and installing them there at the track, I suppose there should be some tyre-changing facilities there, no? (just a thought).Geez, that Friday trip… just thinking that I’m the first guy to start the trip and then I’m meeting people at every stage, makes me feel… important, all the people expecting to see me… [image][/image]Please don’t take away all the pressure, I like it [image][/image]Se you on Friday.