Calling Dave Kelly

Dave,Saw you today by the Bicester Village Retail Outlet on the A41 on the way back from picking up my cylinder head…You ignored me !! lol

Sorry Phil,Guess you wern’t in an Exige (unless you pinched the wife’s!!) so I missed you, probably because everything seems to be a bit of a blur when I drive one of these things. Fabulous!! [image][/image]Oh guess what I’ve just seen about 4 doors away from where I live… Yep an Exige!!and guess what it’s Yellow!! Getting a bit common arn’t they!! Haven’t found out who he (or she?) is yet but soon will. Any ideas?? Think it’s a Y reg with full cage inside, yes inc. the big bar into the passenger side… Guess they must be single!!Glad you got the head back, when’s it likely to be back on road?? In time for Nurburgring??Dave

I was in the wifes Exige and you werent driving that quick [image][/image] lolNo idea who that could be, but if there on here i’ll guess they will come forward.Well the head is on, cam belt and covers installed, i’ll have to match the throttle bodies and exhaust to the ports and make the manifold into a slip fit so i can get it all bolted together before dropping the engine in.So really no idea when its going to be done [image][/image]BTW the crank pulley bolt has been loctited and torqued to 160 ftlbs - IT HAD BETTER NOT WORK LOOSE AGAIN !!

mmm think that should take care of the pulley anyway!!!No, couldn’t go that fast, had grandson in the car with me, he’s 8 but not a big fan of speed!! Strange boy!! how can anyone not like speed??? And yes I know I’m a bit young for a grandson but he’s a step grandson really!!Sorry I missed you again, can’t think how I managed to miss another Exige??

Grandson? How old are Exige owners? The oldest swingersa in town?Sean.

Sorry. Swingers!

35 [image][/image]