Calling all pipe smoking Cup 260 owners

:sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Hopefully, you’re on here…

Whilst driving to work (near Newbury) spotted a lovely white 260 cup. As I got closer i could see the driver was smoking a pipe - couldn’t see if he was wearing slippers! :smiley: You wouldn’t automatically associate a 260 and pipe smoker - but I suppose why the hell not. :wink:

Just wanted to say thanks - you made me smile!

was it a crackpot?


[quote=tim_marra]was it a crackpot?


Nope, ChrisGT :smiley:

Until 5 weeks ago I had the occasional toke on a pipe, including once in the Exige. Since my mother in law was diagnosed with lung cancer (she’s a non smoker) 5 weeks ago and now has days to live, I’ve canned it completely. That said, there’s something very British about pipe smoking…

My father is a pipe smoker and is always puffing away on it, erinmore flake is his favourite. I really cannot imagine my father driving my car whilst puffing on his pipe so I think Mr Shaggy had a very rare ‘spot’ there!

Not the typical exige driver I suspect! …but each to their own all the same

Plenty of women on crack pipes in Wolves !!!
Mostly in the passenger seats of old BMW,s

[quote=jfk]Plenty of women on crack pipes in Wolves !!!
Mostly in the passenger seats of old BMW,s
:smiley: [/quote]

�5 goes a long way lol :wink: ey Jonny :smiley:

we need to find someone in a smoking jacket next… pipe and smoking jacket could be th eholy grail of all things lotus!!!

Exige… The car for the discerning gentleman.

Chris has been very quiet - it wasn’t really you was it? :wink:

Just seen the 260 cup pipe smoker on the M40, he has a big tash aswel to go with the pipe.

Yes, he did have a tash…

I wonder if he keeps it in on the track :smiley: :blush: