Got my discs today and surprise surprise my calipers and master cylinder kit arrived to, and to top it all off, my bells are coming tomorrow morning, some progress you would think so did i.

Until after draining fluid and removing solid lines to replace with braided hoses as per lotus reccomendation the calipers don’t fit. They are they 5100-43S4 calipers which on the lotus web site do not state (s2 only) as do the other bits which are for the S2 only. I can only assume these would be for the s2 as the offset seems far to big. I don’t know if i should have a bracket made up to fit them with the larger discs as it would require some spacing anyway.

Anybody else had some experience with these calipers? or has everyone else received the right parts

Oh well so much for ordering the lotus parts to avoid engineering work.

OOops, I would have thought that you would have ordered the Exige S1 calipers, as the S1 and S2 (all variants) have absolutely different offsets, hubs, wheels, brake disks and some part of the suspension.

If I were you, I would just send them back and tell them to replace with the proper, Motorsports Elise version.
Or just return them and go the DIY route, talking to AP directly.

Uldis i ordered the S1 calipers, what the dealer ordered is obviously a very different animal. Will sort it out tomorrow as we have recently received our first s2 exige i am sure they can find a good home here in sunny SA.

The dealer knows me very well and this is the first time i have received the wrong parts, i am certain he would have ordered s1 parts, so it’s not a train smash, was bound to happen sometime. It’s propably better to get some more use out of the new std discs i put on recently before putting them in the storeroom.

will fit master cylinder so long though

Jason, why not just fit some spacers (about 4mm, Uldis?)between the original calipers and the hubs and run the new bells and disks that way? It’s how the MutNuts 295mm work and how I intend running mine. Or have I missed something?


Yes, he’s talking about a different offset.
His calipers are offset sideways, as per S2.

Yep it’s the sideways offset of the caliper, there is space on the hub to tap some new holes which would make them fit, so i will investigate that further, depending on how long delivery of new ones will be.

It was your comment regarding your intention to continue using your std disks that I was refering to. Now I’m confused about the ali disk hubs you’ve commissioned compared to std disks. Are the new hubs going to change the off set of the disks, so you wouldn’t be able to run the AP set-up with the original calipers?


crisis averted.

spoke to lotus and the calipers are correct they require a new set of holes to be drilled in the hub as per elise motorsport.

The bells are identical to std Ian, so no worries there, the guy that made the bells makes dics for all our production cars and i will get price and take photo for you tonight. Sure it’s less than half of the ap disc and identical. will get all the details for a post this evening