Calender mock-up for comments

Here’s a mock-up of the calender.

Thoughts? (but don’t go mad and scare me! )


If you want this now in 1024x768 (in reasonable quality) click on the links (to save my bandwidth):

Logos on the right

Logos on the left


Nice one! logo’s on the left look better IMO

Logo and calendar on the upper left corner, so that no people is covered.

Nice one! logo’s on the left look better IMO


I’ll try and do both sides, as some people (tsch, Mac users!) have their icons on the right.


I guess it depends on whether it’s a calendar just for show, or one to be used.

Maybe putting the dates in a white bar at the footer of the page would be good for people putting notes against each date ?

Like this, but with the white bar much smaller/wider and the picture larger


Well that would be quite easy to do. However, the current aim was come up with a set of Windows wallpaper back drops with the added useful benefit of having a calender on it, just like the SELOC one.


If people wanted to print something on to paper the images could easily be used for that, or I’ll happily pass on the high res ones I collect once the voting has finished.


Ian, well done, looks great IMO!!!


Looks great, fine job.
Only very minor niggle would be the days of the week seem a bit lost. I’ve no idea how to fix so probably should have kept quiet.

…days of the week seem a bit lost.

I’m sure we can do something about that.


excellent IDG

I agree with Uldis comment about logo and calender in top left out of the way of the peeps