Cadwell.. ?

quote:Originally posted by Tony Whitter: Oh God! What is it with you people and cameras? And I really must stop providing Pesky with ammunition! [image][/image]Mark 2 would only be your own fault, as you are definately “playing to the camera” [image][/image]As I will be in the vicinity of “Whitter Towers” later today, I will attempt to get over the drawbridge & call in for tea & cucumber sandwiches. (I just love the way those common crusts are removed by your housekeeper, before serving).

MikeT & BrendanGreat to meet you guys too [image][/image] (See you at Oulton on the 28th???)Glad your cars were sorted so quickly. Only comment I would make is that the EBC Greens have not been up to it by the guys on this bbs who have tried them (soon wear out!). RussT & myself have been very happy with Mintex 1144 pads (with braided hoses & SRF fluid). On Monday RussT replaced his Mintex with Pagids & said they were fandabbydozy, which to be fair, only re-iterates what Lord Whitter has been telling us for months [image][/image]

quote:Tony i do belive he would have been harder to pass without my mass in the car!Mike said in the last session “We will take it easy for the last one”,well i would hate to know what going hard would be like! Great ride Mike,thanks! [image][/image]Pete.[/B]Pete,You’re welcome. I meant what I said but you know what it’s like… a drying track, familiarity and last chance for a while…Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the vote of confidence and good to meet you. Give Jumeirha mu love!Mike