Cadwell Trackday 1st May

RussTurbot, Mike Birch & myself have booked into the White Horse, 29 West St, Alford (phone 01507 462218), for the evening of 30th April.I understand that Lord & Lady Whitter will be staying at their ancestral pile, which is in the vicinity of Louth.Anyone else fancy staying/meeting up in Alford?

We are staying at the Windmill,Alford, Still 9 rooms left Pip and I stayed there last week and its just fine. Good food, (Secure Parking with CCTV).BranPs We have been planning a B road root if ya fancy joining in the day b4 run

Rob, I might meet up with you Northerners once I hit England. What time are you setting off from the Bolton area?

Bran, Pip & AllyIt would be great to convoy to Cadwell with you.We’ve not yet spoken about times, but Cadwell is about 3 hours from Bolton. I suppose that we would probably be leaving in the early afternoon of the 30th April.As we’ll be heading via the M62 past Leeds, it would make sense to meet up with Bran & Pip.Ally, as it’s quite a drive for you to either Bolton or Leeds, do you want to stay Chez Pesky on the night of 29th April?

I guess your convoy will be from the North - anyone going from the South up the M1?

I’ll be driving up from Northants way if anyone wants to go in convoy from that region.

Is Northants near Waford Gap services?

How about we meet up here! just pick a timeB&P

I’m travelling from Warwick on the day of the event, but before I get too carried away about meeting up with people travelling to the event, I ought to be working out whether I will need to be going North or South!!!Where is Cadwell Park anyway?Giles

BlimeyJust noticed - I’m now a full memberDo I need some form of initiation ceremony?Giles

quote:Originally posted by GilesA:Where is Cadwell Park anyway?What are you like!!! [image][/image]Assuming you really don’t know,it’s near Louth in Lincs .y=5 CU in Anglesey on the 13th April? (LRV Trackday)[This message has been edited by Pesky (edited 27 March 2002).]

Giles, I’m a few miles from Leamington Spa if you’re interested in travelling up the A1/M1 (or whatever road it is)

Hi folks! Not wishing to put a spanner in the works, but for those that came in the convoy that I lead to Donnington for the first big Exige meet, that run (until we turned off the fun roads) is the first half of the run that I use to get to Cadwell. Most people seemed to think the route was great fun, and I’d be happy to map it out again if people are interested…Timing wise, North Manchester to Cadwell is around 2.5 to 3 hours on A and B roads, depending on traffic and your right foot, appreciably less if you use mmm-mmm-mmms.As for general location Giles, it�s roughly half way between Lincoln and Skegness (that�s Lincolnshire on the east coast BTW)! [image][/image]Look forward to seeing everyone there! [image][/image]

David,I have mailed you my mobile number, give me a call a few days before the event and we’ll meet up for a drive to CadwellGiles

Rob, thanks for the very kind offer of the hospitality at Chez Pesky unfortunately I’ll probably be the walking dead on the Monday, as return late Sunday from a big stag weekend in Copenhagen, so will be spending Monday recuperating at home. Hopefully by Tuesday, I’ll be back to match fitness and will set off from Glasgow 10am’ish to meet with up you guys around 1-2pm.BTW, I’ve booked into the Whitehorse, or at least think I have. The manager wanted me to write to confirm the booking (not too keen on credit cards apparently). Don’t think he trusts Jocks (quite rightly) so said if I didn’t show just to charge the room to a Mr Robert Hesketh. [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by Tony Whitter:Hi folks! Not wishing to put a spanner in the works, [image][/image]Sounds fine to us Tony! How about planning the route via us in Leeds then ?B&P

quote:Sounds fine to us Tony! How about planning the route via us in Leeds then Hi B&P, hope all is well! [image][/image] WRT Leeds, as you know it’s not the easiest place to get to from Manchester unless you use the mmm-mmm-mmm. [image][/image] Would it work for you to meet up in Chesterfield (which is c. 1/3 of the way to Cadwell)?

Hi Branhow is it going? just made a ferry booking sailing into Hull on 30.4.02. erm…could I do some camping in your garden, mate ?was in Dijon last weekend, was great but too much traffic with too many 500 bhp Porsch monsters just leaving me dead on the 1100m straight line but at least it was dry and I had no spinns, you wouldn’t believe it but it is true…I told the organisers that Book a track are doing a better job. it was an open pit lane by the way.later,BrunoPS: Tony, have you been able to look into those B&B near Pit Lane. don’t forget, 2nd of May in the morning, I will be on the doorstep to take the head out.

sorrry Bran, didn’t read from the start…stupid me…so, you are staying in Alford, can you do some booking for me as well but this time, I’m gona take me jacket with me afterwards…he-he…is that far from Cadwell? but then again what should I do the whole day 'cause I guess you are working on the 30.5., are you? I’am coming in on 8.00 AM…when do you set off from Leeds?later,Bruno

BrunoYou know you are welcome to dos it here, we have a bigger garden now anyway [image][/image]Its about 7 miles to Cadwell from Alford on a brill road.I will sort a room for you at the Windmill InnFor those that need a room Tel 01507 463377TonyChesterfield could work Anyone else interested in the run ???B&P