Cadwell - The real Hero

Just like to say how fantastic it was to, once again, welcome Bruno to an “” trackday [image][/image]The man is a true enthusiast - he just loves his Exige. His understanding/usuage of the English language, & of our humour, is amazing - innit!!! [image][/image]Bruno, CU again in June, when you come over to pick your car after its upgrade [image][/image]

Seconded Hurry Back BrunoP&B[This message has been edited by Pippa (edited 04 May 2002).]

Here! Here! [image][/image]

Very nice to finally meet Mr Bruno. Looking forward to hearing how you get on with your mods. No doubt see you at the next big jaunt.

when is the next big juant?

ah…what can I say. can’t really explain in words how grateful I am about the warm welcome, hospitality and generosity you have given me. Rob, you are a star by all means. well, the whole NW posse including a nutter called Bran and his better half Pip, really.also, I met new Exige nutters from down south. all top chaps as well, not forgetting Mr Glasgow, the man like Ally. hope you found your way back up to sunny Glasgow… [image][/image]really looking forward to seeing you all again in June. can’t wait, I’m telling ya…cheers,Bruno

quote:Originally posted by miketurn:when is the next big juant?MikeSee new thread, “Anglesey Sat 28th Sept”.

Yeah Bruno. Good to meet you - it took me at least 5 minutes to work out that yours isn’t a north country accent!However, I couldn’t help noticing that your reversing light is on the wrong side!Mike

hey Mike, good to meet you too at last. well, who needs reversing lights in the first place… I mean, we are not in Donington…are we… [image][/image] [image][/image]cheers,Bruno

bruno , sorry i didnt get a chance to say goodbye … ill second peskys sentiments … i have to say your accent is easier to understand than allys ! who id like to vote for as faster talker on

Bruno & Ally,Your not nice at all or your cars!!!All I got was a bollocking from the wife for not choosing a green Exige… far nicer colour than ours she said.Where is yours being upgrade Bruno, might need to consider abducting it!!

BrunoA pleasure to meet you in person - your reputation went before you !!!Grateful for your recognition that there is Exige life south of Watford Gap (don’t look it up on the map - Watford Gap is nowhere near Watford !!!) If you can get to Le Mans let me know and we can meet up David

David,really nice to meet you to, sorry, can’t make Le Mans, car won’t be ready then and going there without Exige is not much point but there is always a next year…Paul and your better half…(greetings to her as well)good to meet you too, shame that we didn’t have more time for chatting…well, the BRG is down to different taste, some think it’s ugly some not, gona have the wheels sprayed golden which should look much better…get DVA to work on me head with 1227 cams, bigger inlet valves, EBD,another back box (better one that the supersport one) and the Emerald of course. to be honest, you shouldn’t really need all this 'cause you were bloody fast on the track anyway… [image][/image]hope to meet all you lot at the next meeting again…cheers,Bruno

Oi Roger, whatyoutalkingaout! OK, it’s a fair cop - will slow down a bit when I’m abroad from Bonnie Scotland. Paul, sorry for the bollocking but your wife has impeccable taste.

Hey Bruno, how long did you have to wait for DVA ??I confirmed with him in March and was giving a date of the 3rd week in April, then it moved to the 2nd week in May now, it seems to have slipped even further away !! [image][/image]

oh gosh, how could I forget Mr Roger X…was very nice to meet you too.Phil,poor old Dave is a bit behind schedule. you should see the pile of heads he has in his garage and most of 'em are only finished about half…he is a top bloke. he catched a flu which doesn’t help but he said that he would take a week off to work on all these heads…I hope to get mine back in June…so, there you go…cheers,Bruno