Cadwell Park 29 July

Does anyone have experience with TracksenseThere Regs say Noise limits as per Race days, will a ss exhaust and cat by-pass get through this? “We are running days at Cadwell on 29th and 30th July. There is a a very special deal of �200 for both 29th and 30th July, and �240 if you book the evening on the 29th as well!.”

sounds excellent value for money…if the tyres stand up to it…Cadwell is a nice circuit…ask Tony Whitter…he seemed to enjoy it last time I was there.

Steve’s right, I do like Cadwell. If you’ve never driven it, it’s well worth going. They call it the mini-Nurburgring, with good reason, and it’s ideal for letting rip in an Exige. I’ve raced there, and driven my Exige there (SS exhaust, cat bypass) and I’ve never seen anyone remotely interested in noise levels! [image][/image] This is possibly because the nearest house is about 5 miles away, but who cares why! You may even see me there…