Cadwell Park, 21 March, Bookatrack

Open pitlane, all day. �160 now.

Did it once, and always wanted to go back (a little bit like Oulton but longer and more like a roller coaster )
Booked provisionally.
Anybody else?

ahhh… i see now…

I’ll need to check my calender at work, but am interested… seems pretty expensive tho ?..

well, it will be more later…

I might try make that Uldis, seeing as it’s open pitlane and I need to get new Formula R’s fitted to the SR3 soon as they’re bald now so may pop down to the Radical factory to get them fitted at the same time.

I see there’s also an open pit at Donington the week before (13th March). Hmmm…

P.S. Hot Marques day on 28th Feb( 11am-3pm) @ �65.


This ain’t open pit-lane… is it?? are you sure ?? I’m sure Jonny has this as sessions…

It says so in the site…

Uldis… your drinkin too much J-4

It looks to be sessioned see wot i mean

I see, there are three groups, although it doesn’t say that it is going to be run in sessions.
On the other page it says:

08:00 Driver, passenger, spectator sign-on
08:30 Safety briefing
09:00 Driving begins
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Driving Resumes
17:00 End of driving

But it could be sessions.
I’ll have to ask Johnny…

you need to lay off the jet fuel for a wee while…

how could you split it into 3-groups and still run it open pit lane …

Uldis - sorry mate - when I went to Snetterton with BaT the page looked like this and it was run in sessions all day…

I quite liked it because it kept the track relatively clear, and as you know, I don’t have the concentration to stay out there nearly all day like some people. However, and on the other hand, I still wanted to have a crack at some of the ‘fast’ cars in the other sessions and no joy…

I suppose that days like this may be a way of encouraging newbies onto the track, what with being able to run in a perceived ‘safe and slow’ novices session

Personally I am sure that the advanced session is also the safest, ya dig ???

You’re right, just called them and it’s sessions

I’m still up for it if I’m not the only Exiger (you know, I could feel lonely)
I’ll try to convince Tut and others from up here.

I LOVE the track! I’d say, if you like Oulton, you’d LOVE Cadwell.

I like Cadwell too but I’ll probably give it a miss. Sessioned days involve too much time looking at watches and not enough laps. Far prefer the easy come and go of open pits - Knockhill has probably spoiled us all in that respect.

I wish one of the track companies would JUST do open pits. Are they all sessioned? I’d rather pay a wee bit more and get double the track time as it’s a long trek down for the total of 50 mins I got on Cadwell last time.


How about you strat that drivers club you mentioned last yera…

Rox, I’ve trouble organising myself nevermind others.

So Evosal will be on track with Uldis …

This i gotta see

Is Evosal in the list? what is his name?

Is Evosal in the list? what is his name?

Uldis try THIS LINK

or read on…

Username: evosal
Real Name: chris pearson
Gender: Male
BaT Event Count: 0 (includes any forthcoming confirmed bookings)

Track Cars
Vehicle Colour Photo Power
Vehicle Colour Photo Power
mini cooper s red 200

Forthhcoming Trackdays Date
Cadwell Park Sun 21 Mar 2004

So Evosal will be on track with Uldis …


Only kidding, folks.

but it’s true !!!

I’ve provisionally booked as well - I’ve been there once many years ago when I used to race a Mini7 car and its a great track. It’ll be good to meet with you guys and pick your brains.