Cadwell - Our own Session confirmed

Well done peeps [image][/image]That nice Mr Jonny Leroux of Bookatrack has done his bit - thank you. [This message has been edited by Pesky (edited 23 January 2002).]

Rob,Saw you looking at Bookatrak at the same time as me!. Good news. Well done chaps and thank you Jonny.It’s going to be a great day out again!Mike

That Jonny guy is a god !Nice one

Well Done Jonny - See You all there - I’m counting the days down alreadyGiles

quote:Originally posted by GilesA:I’m counting the days down alreadyGilesI just bet that Mrs A is too [image][/image]

oh, bagger…that means, I won’t have loads of space now…Pesky, I’m planning to do the Emerald stuff when I’am on the island. any advice?cheers,Bruno

Hi Bruno.You need to ring Dave Walker well in advance - he gets booked up pretty quickly.

cheers, Russel, I will just do that…

BrunoWhat are your plans for your visit, besides Cadwell & Emerald? If you have time, we’d love to see you “up North”, & accomadation will not be a problem [image][/image]CU in May

quote:Bruno … If you have time, we’d love to see you “up North”, & accomadation will not be a problem [image][/image]Seconded! [image][/image]

Pesky and Tony, cheers mates…Tony, haven’t heard from you for ages…great to see you on the board again…thought you had enough from the Exige boys…I’m still in the planning stage of me trip. I want to do some tuning whilst I’m on the island. I’m looking for somebody to do the head porting and fit an EBD manifold together with some piper cams and other valves and the Emerald of course. not sure about some different throttle bodies like QED DTH.trouble is that I have to get rid of the luvely air con to fit the EBD manifold…bagger…cheers,Bruno

Bloody hell, my little Swiss cheese, that’s going to cost a fair bit, innit! Have you robbed a bank, or are you dealing in unusual substances (eg extract of crushed Eidelweis [image][/image])?How long are you planning to stay for? Perhaps you’ll have to leave your car to have the work done, & return home by plane? You would then have 2 trips to our little island & do another trackday [image][/image]Don’t forget that you also need to buy the Ali G videos when in the UK - you can then send him a bill for stealing your catchphrases, wicked innit?[This message has been edited by Pesky (edited 25 January 2002).]

Pesky, you telling me…it’s gona cost a fortune:rolleyes but still cheaper than a TT conversion if you get my drift…and it should run without any hassles… [image][/image]what about you driving it to Switzerland and me paying you a flight ticket back? [image][/image] [image][/image]cheers,Bruno

Hi All,I confirmed my booking today. The Exiges session already has something like 16 confirmed - but you probably already knew this. What you may not have noticed is that this includes at least 4 lazer blue examples - we’ll soon outnumber all those silvery things! There must be a photo opportunity here!MikeMike

Dave’s on Jury service so I’ll be going on my own - anyone staying at the local B&B recommended a few posts back?

Dudes!I’m booked!I’m so excited!I’m gonna meet Admin 5 & Pesky! May even shave & put on deoderant!Nah! Maybe not…MikePS Sandra-Me & my wife will be staying at The Stag Hotel, 2 miles from the circuit(top curry house, within walking distance!)

quote:Originally posted by miketurn:I’m so excited!I’m gonna meet Admin 5 Yep, you’ve got so much in common - should I register the domain of “Gis-us-an estate” ? [image][/image]

You’ll find it very hard to prove I’m an ex-estate agent… Oh, you have…RUNAWAY, RUNAWAY! LYNCY MOB ENROUTE!

In the dim and distant, I worked for an Estate Agents… [image][/image]I was young and needed the money [image][/image][This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 21 February 2002).]

quote:Originally posted by Admin5:I was young and needed the money [image][/image]Now you’re old, you’ll still need the money to keep your fleet of cars on the go [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]