Cadwell convoy (from the South)

Anybody fancy meeting at Baldock services on the A1(M), at junction 10, at noon on Saturday?


Are you going straight to the track, or do you fancy doing some ‘squigglies’ on the way?

I thought one pitstop on the way and then socialise with whoever is there.



no probs with Baldock services. Which way will you come up from Hampshire ? I guess you will also use M25 at some point. Shall we meet somewhere on your route to M25 so we can at least do the “Boring” part together. What about somewhere on A3 or M3 if you are coming that way ? You are welcome to stop of at my place for some breakfast on route but fear it will be out of your way (Dorking).

look forward to your news.


I’ll drop you a PM before Saturday.

Anybody else?


I’ll be there of course

No Ben (family duties delaying him) and Colin and I are running late.

Oh well.