Cadwell Accomodation

The bloke at the White Horse has cocked up, & forgot to write our reservations in his diary!!! What a ****er!So, I’ve booked myself, Russ, Mike Birch, Mike Stripes & Ally into The Haywain Motel at Ulceby Cross, which about 9 miles from the circuit. Rooms cost �30 per night (either double or twin) & full brekky is �4.50.A lot of drivers/bikers for Cadwell stay at the Haywain, which also has a decent restaurant. Tel No: 01507 462786

Just Booked myself in tooThanks for the infoGiles

MikeGive me a call on the mobile again, as I am now going up the day before and have booked into the same place as you and Pesky (and the rest.Perhaps we can do the run up from Warwick togetherLook forward to hearing from youGiles

oi Pesky, is that as good as the one we stayed last time before Donny…he-he. [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]cheers,Bruno

Bruno, my little cuckoo clock,I’m sure everyone will let me know if it’s not as good - innit! [image][/image]See you at Cadwell - I’ll try not to follow your unique racing line on the circuit [image][/image]

hey Pesky, we have deal. this time, I’ll try to follow you, ok? I only hope, it will be dry…he-he…don’t fancy these unique racing lines all the time…looking forward to seeing you as well.later,Bruno