Cabling - rear clam to cabin

Hi All

Anyone know what’s the easiest cable route to get a cable from the rear clam (number plate area) to the cabin, ie the dash.

Trying to run a rear view cam for reversing out of my drive, which is currently totally blind… not good!!!

Also, other than piggy backing off of reversing lights, is there a pickup I can take from behind the dash, to switch the monitor to rear view mode?

Many thanks for this and all the other insightful responses to my other posts, great forum.



People like photos… so:
big picture, fast bandwidth needed!

Adrian, ive got reversing sensors, ive wired them behind the rear wheel arch liner, up the rear bar that the engine compartment side panels clip to and then drilled a small hole therough the (internal) bodywork just in front of the rear screen in the corner, the cables can then be droped behind the rear trim. The easiest way from back to front is down the cabin divider. Along the panels i just used gaffer tape, also for the short section exposed by the rear window.
Other than that you could always use a 12v wireless camera but personally i would stick to hard wired.
What sort of monitor and camera(col or b/w? down to what lux levels?) are you using and where are you mounting them? ive looked into it but have never come up with a design im happy with.


Hi Gav

There must be existing cabling going through the firewall somewhere… is or drilling the only option?

I’m getting a JVC head unit which has integrated screen. I’ve ordered a reversing camera, not sure how good the lux will be, but wanted a mirror one instead of having to mirror it separately. Anyone know how to tell when the reverse in on in the dash area, other than having cable from the reversing light itself?

Will probably power it directly from the battery (via a regulator, does anyone have any recommended ones for this?) but trigger it to be on and therefore draw either on ignition or on reverse… that depends on how much the current draw is, etc.

I’m planning on putting in a laser parking sensor later, so want to bear that in mind when doing.

I expect… but don’t know till I get the camera, to mount it somewhere in the number plate area.

Got the service manual on order, so hopefully many of these factors will be answered upon reading that!!! Will post pictures as / when I get it.



um, with all due respect, is it actually that hard to reverse without being able to see directly behind you?

i thought it would be a nightmare, so much so that i got B&C to fit a modified Subaru reverse sensor kit (metal strip that is stuck to the inside of the rear clam - beeps when the car is in reverse) but I find myself listening to it less and less

for any tight space, i go very slow, use my side mirrors a lot, and if in doubt - get out and push the car back the last foot or so.

cameras AND lasers seem a little like overkill, tbh


The problem is reversing blind out onto the street.

There’s usually a car parked by my drive so I reverse across the pavement and round a car before I can see anything in my mirror…

Also cars can come along fast so want to at least be able to see a bit before I reverse a bit more …



how about reversing onto your driveway - so the drive onto the street is forwards?

then I can’t get out :slight_smile:

The passenger side has a hedge next to it… so whilst I could widen my drive… thought camera easier solution

also, I would have thought that for other cars the back of the exige is easier to see than the low front…



Legally, I don’t think you’re ever supposed to reverse onto the road. You should reverse off if possible.

Legally, you’re not supposed to exceed the posted speed limit, so I’ll shut up


I think you mean you’re not allowed to reverse from a minor road to a major road. That’s the only law regarding reversing onto roads that I know of!



I always took it that your driveway is more minor than the road

you should see my driveway

I don’t think that this is the case, but I’ll let you know if I ever get told off


looks like you will be pioneering this one then…make sure you post some pics and write it up so we can all understand.

Personally, I’d get the gf out into the road to stop the traffic before reversing

gees, I’ve only just got rid of the last gf, now I’ve got an exige I have to go get another. Well it’s going to be easier now I guess

just got to convince my son it’s not [color:“red”] his [/color] car… going to be even harder when he realises he can play scooby doo on the reversing screen!!!

I looked at doing this when i first got the car. Just got used to reversing it now. I have the same problem with my drive (just don’t put seat belts on until on the road and use the passenger window.

The main problem at the time was that head units with the screen that popped out didn’t come out far enough to clear the lip on the dash above the head unit !!

Check it before you buy anything !!


I looked at getting a rear view mirror with a built in screen, even the smallest ones with only a 4" in is bigger than the original mirror, which still blocks my foward vision! Got two different camera setups ready to go in!