Cabin noise exhaust or engine

Having owned my S1 with only a performance exhaust and have never experienced the standard silencer. If I change back how much will the cabin noise will be reduced. I know there will be a noticeable loss of performance but for a very long drive this summer it might stop my ears from ringing

I guess the question is how much of the cabin noise is exhaust and how much is engine?

Hmm? I’d say most engine. According to my sound meter, it can actually be louder in the cabin than at the back of the car!


ear plugs is your only answer…

I always have a set of foam ear plugs in the little sill pocket. Put these in for long journeys and you have a luxury car with comfy seats that will outdrive practically anything that it meets.

No point in changing the exhaust unless it’s to get you past a noise meter to go on track…

The next step is to try to work out how to hook up headphones to the CD player…

I find the biggest noise on long journeys is the road noise more than the engine or exhaust…

And then when you boot it it’s more the induction noise than the engine or exhaust.

Unless you have a MEGA loud exhaust then ear plugs is the way forwards

Thanks guys
I guess ear plugs is the way forward (of course the other cabin noise is Elaine )

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