C Panel

Hi has any removed there C Panel on a Lotus Exige ??
Any tips or pointers
Thank you

What is a C panel?

I was wondering but didn’t like to show my ignorance :blush:

C Panel - the curved trim atop the ‘dash’, directly below the windscreen.

What do I win?

No :clap: and yes. Which interior?

S2 non air bag :slight_smile:

Ok then :smiley:

Sill covers off. Speaker trim panels either side as well. Two self tapers holding C panel to the dash will be visible (both sides). Pop out the vents across the top and job done…

…the vents maybe screwed in :unamused: . Now I can’t talk for the S2 as I can’t recall exactly but for the S1 I recently used a thin looped cable tie to hook the inside of the vent. It kind of clicks into place so loop it around the bit that holds it under the dash. Either that or lots of cuts and swearing :frowning:

Top man