Buying used Exige

Hi, Just enjoyed more than 12 months of Elise Mk1 111s motoring but find that the lure of the Exige S1 hard to resist, especially as i spend most of my spare time reading the goings-on on Exiges.Com.
So, are the two car currently offered by Barry Ely Sports Cars in Leytonstone(!) any use, over-priced or what?
thye blue one has been on sale for months and I’ve just seen the aluminium one. Does anyone know of the blue one as it has a number plate. in pix?
Pretty desperate to join your exclusive club but feel somewhat disloyal to my -so-far-reliable sparkling yellow Elise.

reliable?? a lotus?? you sure its a lotus

Well, it was certainly a Lotus when I threw the car cover over it but I haven’t tried to start it for about a week.

I came from an S1 111s and have not looked back!

Mainly as the rearward vision is near to impossible

The Elise was great but I feel the Exige is far more raw and closer to the feeling i get when driving the old Elan Sprint. Its difficult to describe but I know what I mean

I believe the silver one has been at B.E. for longer than the blue one. The blue one looks good but seems a bit pricey.

Hi Thommo

I saw those 2 Exiges in B.E. nearly 2 months ago when I first started looking at Elises (but now decided to go for the Exige instead!) Have to admit, the “showroom” was a little bit off putting. I half expected “Boycie” from Only Fools and Horses to pop up! LOL

Apologises for small hijack:

Hi Exige members,

Just thought I would introduce myself now after lurking on your forum for the past month! Been reading up on various info. on the Exige and hope to be in posession in early 2005. I know it’s a long time away, but I’ll get there!


IT’s the pricing that I was mainly wondering about. On the face of it they appear to have all the qualities you would want, one owner, low mileage etc so a price premium might be expected. As to the location and showroom, well, Leytonstone, strikes me as a bit dodgy.And I absolutely hated Only Fools and Horses, particularly David Jason.