buying tips

hi guys and gals,
i’m looking to buy an s1 exige within the next year and i’, gettin my research done early!!
really looking for some general advice before i buy one.
i.e common faults,rough idea of running costs,servicing.
what price i should look to pay(private)
differences between the 177bhp and 190 bhp upgrade
basically anything you can think of.i’m sure i’ll pop up with some more questions just that my mind has gone blank just now!
thanks to anyone who replies

Hi Mate, if you do a search you’ll find every thing you need to know. AndyD’s posts are always very good, he really knows his stuff. Don’t worry about running costs just buy what ever it needs and you won’t go far wrong. Good luck in finding one. (mine’s up for �118,000 )

Mine’s going on the market at �117,950 tonight!

Seriously, there’s plenty of info on here.

You’re best off buying from an enthusiast, as he (or she - sorry Fiona!) will most likely know the full history of the car and the previous owner if they are not the first.

Exiges share a lot with Elises, so if you’re familiar with those, there is a lot of read across and the same things to look out for.

There’s not a lot in the 170 / 190 bhp to be honest. An Emerald ECU and getting the cams properly timed will transform the VHPD engine if you plan to stick with it. You may actually get a genuine 190PS from it then!

Running costs are similar to (perhaps a shade higher than) an Elise if you use a specialist, but certainly not 2nd mortgage territory. It’s the upgrade bug that will cost you.

Don’t be put off by track use unless it is very obviously a complete shed. Most owners track their cars but correspondingly spend appropriate amounts keeping them in tip top shape.

Have fun looking.

Don’t be afraid to post links of potential cars you see on here. It’s most likely someone will know something about it!

thanks guys.
i did try a search before i posted but couldn’t see much TBH.
maybe i didnt look for the right things!!
117,950?!?!?just a tad out my price range i think!!!
i prob looking at about 18k max
loved the exige for a long time so fingers crossed my dastardly plan comes together!
anyone live in scotland fancy showing me about theres?!
thanks again

is the best place to look or anre there any other good sites?
auto trader is rubbish

Where bouts in Scotland are ya Dean?

in glasgow

Just messing. 18k should get you a nice enough example. Below that in price, they are getting a little leggy and heading towards first refresh of the VHPD Engine (40k ish miles).

There are a few guys north of the border and in the North East of England.

As far as finding a car goes,, here and Autotrader will find you just about every S1 Exige for sale in the country. No there’s not many!

Just messing. 18k should get you a nice enough example.

There are a few guys north of the border and in the North East of England.

yeah i thought so!!
currently drive an integra type r dc2
and i’ve stripped put the rear in a lotus type fashion!!!
i posted some pics of it in the owners cars section.
i’m imagining the exige to involve similar driving and engine charactoristics but much more hardcore
can’t wait to get in one!!

I am up near Arbroath(ish). I picked up a v low milage pristine 190 s1 for just under 18k. So they are out there. There is a 190 s1 for sale in Dunfermline with 11k miles at the mo for roundabout that money. Pops up on Autortrader regularly.


yeah i saw that one,pretty nice.
cant afford it at the mo but like i say,within the year wiht any luck
arbroath,TBH i dont know if thats near or far from me!!!
is your plate vvt 1s or something like that cos i saw one on the m8 on sunday…looked awesome